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"This series is a masterful blend of Harry Potter and CS Lewis."

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“Don't finish one without having the next to start - the cliffhangers are too intriguing to wait!”

About the Author


Kimm Reid has written over two dozen books—although poetry is
her passion—as well as been part of numerous collaborate writing
teams over the past fifteen years. After being a part of so many
books, she and her brilliant (and outrageously funny) partner,
Patrick Williams, founded Ahelia Publishing, in Montana, USA.

While struggling through life as a single mom, Kimm raised three
outstanding young men all while earning a degree in Psychology.

She began working toward her Master's in Psychology, but
halfway through began to write and thus, stepped away from
schooling to pursue her passion of words. Kimm has worked as a
children's pastor, camp director, group home leader for troubled youth, house painter and therapist. She is a fantastically hilarious speaker, an entrepreneur, and great lover of coffee. At the end of it all, she brings everything in her world back to the foundation of Christ and gives Him praise for every trial (of which there are many) and glory for each success (of which there are few). He is the Master of it all, the Potter who continually makes beauty out of clay.